Innovative solutions for the cement industry - ΙΜΕΑ Ε.Π.Ε.

Innovative solutions for the cement industry

SICEMENT - solutions for the next level of productivity

Companies in the global cement industry are facing major challenges: If they are to improve productivity while simultaneously decreasing costs, they need high-performance products that are also energy-efficient and offer maximum availability and flexibility. These products also need to comply with environmental regulations while providing maximum safety for employees, machines and material. The SICEMENT portfolio encompasses electrification, automation, and digitalization of core production and secondary processes ranging from system solutions right up to completely integrated electrical installations. Main focus of portfolio is to provide you with unique value-add by seamless integration of innovative solutions along the entire production chain.

Smart power distribution - ΙΜΕΑ Ε.Π.Ε.

Smart power distribution

Efficient, resilient, and sustainable solutions for the reliable power supply of buildings, industry, and infrastructure.